Blog written by Ania Grimone

Who Am I?

It is at the same time the most profound and the most banal question that we can ask of ourselves and that we get asked by others. It can be asked from the most superficial level of “who the hell are you?” when you accidentally crash a wrong party at a hotel venue to the deepest spiritual inquiry between you and God or your conscience of whoever you talk to when you are alone. The most confusing part of this line of questions is that the answer changes from day to day, from circumstance to circumstance and we often get more and more confused the more we dare to inquire. So hats off to all of you who keep asking anyway. The paradox here is that who we are is simultaneously constant and ever-changing, allowing us to get temporarily satisfied with whatever answer we come up with in the moment  and at the same time know better than to settle that this is The Answer. I am a woman, a mother, a healer, a coach, a cyclist, a kayaker, a wife, a soon to be ex-wife, a confident person, an insecure person, beautiful person, ugly person, compassionate person, an asshole, a jerk, a generous person, a selfish person, a funny person, an uptight person, a smart and a stupid person, an intelligent person and a moron, a thoughtful person and an oblivious one. I am an immortal soul and a Divine being. I am mortal.  I am all of that. There are also things I am no longer. I am not a toddler, a grad student, a resident of communist country or a bigot. I think the key to finding the answer is to not get attached to any of them. We change, we evolve, our lives move forward and if we try to adapt to the new circumstances, while keeping our identity hostage, we suffer. So as you face the change in your life, as you look into the unknown, unleash the freedom of becoming whoever you need to be to face the future. Ask the question again: “Who am I”? and decide. Yes, it is up to you. And the more you connect to your truth and the more courage you have to follow it and step into that identity, the closer you come to finding out who you really are and what is your true power.